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Depuis l’introduction des casinos en ligne, les améliorations et les progrès des dernière décennie ont abondé dans le secteur. Lorsque le premier casino en ligne est sorti il n’y avait que quelques jeux à sélectionner et maintenant vous pouvez facilement cliquer pour trouver un casino que vous aimez avec plus de 200 jeux et des graphiques qui vous font oublier que vous êtes à la maison et vous sentir comme vous avez été transporté dans ce casino virtuel. Nous avons tous adoré le fait que nous n’avions plus à même de quitter notre maison pour profiter de certains des meilleurs jeux dans le monde, mais il y a désormais une option encore plus qui est disponible dans de nombreux casinos en ligne, le casino sur mobile. Cela signifie que vous pouvez jouer tous les jeux de casino que vous recherchez, même lorsque vous n’êtes pas chez vous.


Peut-être la plus grande innovation dans le passé récent est que le jeu a maintenant disparu totalement mobile avec une nouvelle technologie qui permet aux fidèles joueurs de casino en ligne à jouer  casino en ligne francais leur jeu favori à partir de leur téléphone cellulaire et PDA. Nous avons tous été assis dans la circulation s’ennuyer en lisant un livre, et bien maintenant tout ce que vous avez à faire est sortir votre téléphone portable ou votre PDA et jouer à un jeu animé de Blackjack au casino sur mobile. Une des plus grandes préoccupations des joueurs est que le jeu de casino pour mobile ne leur permettra pas d’avoir toute l’expérience dont ils ont besoin, que l’inquiétude est totalement infondée. Les entreprises qui offrent cette option à leurs joueurs sont allés à chaque longueur possible pour s’assurer que tous les graphiques sont toujours de premier ordre et que chaque joueur obtient une chance de gagner à leur jeu favori, peu importe où ils sont. Le casino sur mobile une chance de jouer n’importe quel endroit, sans compromettre la vitesse de jeu ou de l’intégrité du logiciel.


Vous pourriez dire que ce n’est tout simplement une mode passagère, mais en fait avec la hausse des téléphones cellulaires et les experts en technologie PDA dire que dans les trois prochaines années, les revenus des casinos sur mobile devraient augmenter de 900%! Pour jouer aux jeux de casino sur mobile tout simplement télécharger le logiciel du casino sur mobile pour …

Side games at the charity event –



Things stalled for a bit until we got short handed (5 players) and then I started to crank things up. I was betting away and taking pots on the turn against all players. I had good reads on every player and knew one guy to bet out small with mid pair and call most anything on the flop but to fold to a decent bet on the river without top pair or better. Another guy was very tight and of the two women to my left, one was a tight aggressive player while the other was loose aggressive. I laid down pocket 10s to the tight aggressive player when she call raised me from under the gun, and she showed K[hearts]K[spades], so I was feeling pretty good about my table.


One hand that I remember in particular was against a timid player to my right. He was getting beat pretty harshly and couldn’t keep up with the betting. Everytime he bet he’d bet the pot because he never wanted anyone else in the hand. 3-handed I raised from the button with A[diamonds]3[diamonds] and he moaned and called (The last 3 times he limped I had raised). The flop came out 2[hearts]4[spades]9[diamonds] and it checked to him. He thought for so long and was getting ready to bet when he saw me playing with $12 in chips. I had the intention to continuation bet until I saw him looking so eager to bet. He checked to me maybe hoping to check raise and I quickly said “Checks good.” The turn brought out the money card: 5[diamonds] and I hit my wheel. This time he bet out the pot, $12, nice! I cold called and everyone else folded. The river brought out the K[hearts] and he thought and checked to me. I gave him a confused look and said “hmm … $22 dollars.” and threw in four red $5 chips and two white $1 chips and he looked right at me and said “I call.” He hadn’t thrown any chips in –, I guess he thought he was good and I was going to muck. I made sure he said call and said “I got the wheel on the turn.” and he showed Q[diamonds]9[clubs] and looked visibly sick for not betting the flop.


All in all it was a lot of fun to prove to myself …

Half Celebrity” poker show coming to your TV

Admit it, you have watched celebrities play poker on more than one occasion. Even though the poker has been at times difficult to watch….you watched. Celebrity Poker on Bravo was pretty brutal to watch in its first season, but the show has seemed to find its groove, and now draws consistent ratings. This March, E! Television is going to give you the opportunity to see even more celebrities playing poker. Except this time, there is a twist.

The World Poker Tour brought you Hollywood Home Game, which showed off some of today’s biggest stars playing the game we all love. E! Television’s new entry, “Hollywood Poker Night” offers you the same opportunity to see stars playing togel hongkong. But this time, they actually are playing in the homes of one of the stars. A cross between MTV’s “Cribs”, and any of the other celebrity poker shows, “Hollywood Poker Night” will take you into the homes, and poker minds of some of today’s stars.

“The series offers the fun and challenge of cards,” Says Ted Harbert, the president and CEO of E! Networks “but will also gives viewers a unique glimpse into the lives and homes of some of today’s top young stars.”

Another twist on the celebrity poker formula here is that only half of the players will be celebrities. Each celebrity player will bring his “best friend” to the table to give the viewer even more insight into the celebrities life. Stars confirmed for the show so far include Macaulay Culkin, Andy *pimp…*, Seth Green of Austin Powers fame, That ’70s Show’s Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, and pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The question here is: Is the world ready for “50% Celebrity Poker”. Will the ratings be 50% of the other celebrity poker shows? In March we will all find out. Stay tuned.

Card Dealing Terminology: Looks Like the End of The River



Well, we’ve come a long way together already, learning about The Pocket, The burn card, The Flop, The Turn and now its time to learn about old Man River . . .


The River – Where The Round comes to an End

Finally, the dealer throws the last card in the hand. This is The River card and the last chance for people to ‘make their hand’ , which means to get the cards that they are looking for to win.


Its also the time for everyone to try and figure out if their opponents made their hand or if they are bluffing. Texas Hold ‘em is partly about playing cards and partly about strategically betting and even at this final stage another round of betting will occur.


I won’t go into the betting strategies in this article, but let’s just summarize it by offering up a few brief examples of what might happen

Some people will bet and bluff hoping to scare away people with a better but less confident hand,


Others may try and get a few extra chips out of an opponent,


And some players will be taking their great hand up against a possibly better hand on the other side.

After the betting is complete any remaining players that are still holding cards and have not folded will show their cards and the player with the best five card hand (out of seven) takes the pot, and that is the end of the hand and the first review of the Card Dealing Terminology!


*Note. I will cover split pots and other alternatives in future articles.


Big Blinds in a good position now


If the person in the Big Blind position has decent cards for a potential hand, they are now in a position of knowledge.  If everyone at the table has folded or posted a matching bet, the person in the Big Blind position, can gauge how strong their hand may really be.


Knowing that no one else has raised the bet above the minimum indicates that many players just want to bet enough to see the flop and hopefully get by on the cheap.  Sometimes they also wait to bet until they see what the players after them will do.


The Big Blind is in a position to call the shots …