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There is a wide variety of Android casino games available for keeping people entertained 24/7/365. All Slots mobile casino offers the most popular games for the Android in traditional and modern genres – like Slots, Blackjack and Roulette. Android cell phones offer a great gaming experience with superior graphics and sound so customers will never be bored again.


Variety of Slots Games

All Slots mobile casino has numerous slots games to choose from. “Major Millions” is a progressive slots game where players can bet different amounts and watch the three reels spin. After placing a maximum bet, the player can win a progressive jackpot when three wild Major Millions logos line up together. “Mega Moolah” is another progressive slots game with high-intensity, African wildlife backgrounds. Players can watch the top prize grow before their eyes and imagine how they will spend the money.


Other Android Casino Slots Games

For those who like video slots, they can play “Thunderstruck Slots,” featuring Thor, the Viking God of Thunder. This is a five-reel, nine-payline slots game with wild, scatter and free spins. For fans of Lara Croft, All Slots mobile casino offers “Tomb Raider,” with five reels and fifteen paylines. Players can celebrate their good fortune by playing the Tomb bonus game. Females might prefer “Mermaids Millions” in a water-based, five-reel, fifteen-payline slots game. When the Treasure Chest appears, it is time for the bonus game.


Popular Casino Games

Players can see how close they can get to 21 without going over by betting on the All Slots version of Blackjack. Color-coded tokens represent different Togel Singapore betting amounts. This is a great way for beginners to gain experience on how to play Blackjack. All Slots offers the European Roulette version, which has a single zero pocket. Players bet on red/black, odd/even or numbers. There are several betting combinations with different price levels. Watching the ball spin around the wheel, customers will get excited waiting for the ball to land in their chosen slot. “Jacks or Better” is a video poker game on All Slots casino mobile. This five-card draw game allows players to calculate the odds for creating the best hands.


Easy-to-Play Modern Games

Horse-racing fans can consider the horse, jockey and track to determine who they should wager on to win the “Royal Derby” Android casino game. Winners only need to place in …

Australian court sentences Togel Hongkong charity embezzeler to 7 years jail



Dinesh Enoka Abeysuriya, a 29-year-old finance clerk for an Australian charity who embezzled A$1.53 million and gambled part of it away in online gambling casinos was sentenced in a Brisbane court this week.


Judge Kerry O’Brien, who last week adjourned the case for sentencing after Abeysuriya pleaded guilty, handed down a sentence of seven years imprisonment for stealing from the Uniting Church’s Blue Care organisation, reports the Courier-Mail newspaper. After money found in his accounts was frozen, the value of the shortfall was about A$900,000.


Abeysuriya was also found guilty of a second charge based on his use of his Commonwealth Bank credit card with togel hongkongsports betting organisation Centrebet, where $1.88 million in bets was shown on his Commonwealth Bank credit card account. When Abeysuriya finally stopped gambling his credit card was overdrawn a by $223,409, the court heard.


Judge O’Brien said he had been asked to impose a five year jail sentence so that Abeysuriya could have a partial suspension of his sentence, allowing him to have a definite date for deportation back to his native Sri Lanka. However, the judge said that he could not take into account what other bodies, the parole board or immigration authorities might do in the future when imposing a sentence.


Despite the mitigating factors, including Abeysuriya returning to Australia under his own free will, a sentence of seven years jail was indicated, the judge said, setting set a parole eligibility date at November 22, 2012.


The prosecution in the case adduced evidence that Abeysuriya used three methods to misappropriate the money – inflating invoices and paying the extra to himself, paying invoices twice to legitimate creditors and himself, and paying invoices to himself. He was audited when a bank employee flagged the uncharacteristically large amounts flowing into his personal account.







Our latest new games – updated versions of our popular live casino games Live Blackjack and Live Roulette – certainly make for some exciting news.


While you may have played our Live Games in the past, these revamped casino games exceed all expectations. Trust us, you’ve never played online games quite like these.


When we say Live Games, we mean live. Each of the games has a live dealer (or in the case of our Live Roulette game, more accurately a live croupier), which in and of itself already makes for a fantastic life-like experience.


It’s true the older versions of our Live Games also had live dealers, but this is a whole new crew of professional dealers, each sporting a fresh new look and lots more style. Curious to learn more about our dealers? You can visit our special Live Dealers page to read their bios.


In addition to new dealers, our Live Games facilities have also been completely renovated and now feature luxurious décor, better lighting, more tables, larger cards and an all new (and improved) overall layout.


With live video streaming of the highest togel hongkong quality, you literally couldn’t replicate the experience of playing blackjack or roulette in a land-based casino any better (you’d have to actually go to the casino for the next best thing). This is truly online gaming at its best.


Stay tuned for the release of more Live Games in the near future. In the meantime, we highly recommend logging in to Titan Casino for a unique online gaming experience.




Another year has gone by, and what a great year it’s been.


If you’ve been a member at Titan Casino throughout 2010, then you know what we’re talking about – plenty of added bonuses, extra surprises, big jackpots, additional languages, new games, and more were all introduced to you throughout this year. Plus there were some great casino promotions including our Valentine’s Day special, Oscar celebrations, summer events, and the once in a lifetime 10/10/10 promotion in honor of the auspicious date of October 10, 2010 (to name but a few).


Of course, if you’ve been playing at Titan Casino recently, you’ve also been enjoying our Advent calendar Christmas promotion, chock full of goodies and giveaways every day of December straight through …