Half Celebrity” poker show coming to your TV

Admit it, you have watched celebrities play poker on more than one occasion. Even though the poker has been at times difficult to watch….you watched. Celebrity Poker on Bravo was pretty brutal to watch in its first season, but the show has seemed to find its groove, and now draws consistent ratings. This March, E! Television is going to give you the opportunity to see even more celebrities playing poker. Except this time, there is a twist.

The World Poker Tour brought you Hollywood Home Game, which showed off some of today’s biggest stars playing the game we all love. E! Television’s new entry, “Hollywood Poker Night” offers you the same opportunity to see stars playing togel hongkong. But this time, they actually are playing in the homes of one of the stars. A cross between MTV’s “Cribs”, and any of the other celebrity poker shows, “Hollywood Poker Night” will take you into the homes, and poker minds of some of today’s stars.

“The series offers the fun and challenge of cards,” Says Ted Harbert, the president and CEO of E! Networks “but will also gives viewers a unique glimpse into the lives and homes of some of today’s top young stars.”

Another twist on the celebrity poker formula here is that only half of the players will be celebrities. Each celebrity player will bring his “best friend” to the table to give the viewer even more insight into the celebrities life. Stars confirmed for the show so far include Macaulay Culkin, Andy *pimp…*, Seth Green of Austin Powers fame, That ’70s Show’s Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, and pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The question here is: Is the world ready for “50% Celebrity Poker”. Will the ratings be 50% of the other celebrity poker shows? In March we will all find out. Stay tuned.