Card Dealing Terminology: Looks Like the End of The River



Well, we’ve come a long way together already, learning about The Pocket, The burn card, The Flop, The Turn and now its time to learn about old Man River . . .


The River – Where The Round comes to an End

Finally, the dealer throws the last card in the hand. This is The River card and the last chance for people to ‘make their hand’ , which means to get the cards that they are looking for to win.


Its also the time for everyone to try and figure out if their opponents made their hand or if they are bluffing. Texas Hold ‘em is partly about playing cards and partly about strategically betting and even at this final stage another round of betting will occur.


I won’t go into the betting strategies in this article, but let’s just summarize it by offering up a few brief examples of what might happen

Some people will bet and bluff hoping to scare away people with a better but less confident hand,


Others may try and get a few extra chips out of an opponent,


And some players will be taking their great hand up against a possibly better hand on the other side.

After the betting is complete any remaining players that are still holding cards and have not folded will show their cards and the player with the best five card hand (out of seven) takes the pot, and that is the end of the hand and the first review of the Card Dealing Terminology!


*Note. I will cover split pots and other alternatives in future articles.


Big Blinds in a good position now


If the person in the Big Blind position has decent cards for a potential hand, they are now in a position of knowledge.  If everyone at the table has folded or posted a matching bet, the person in the Big Blind position, can gauge how strong their hand may really be.


Knowing that no one else has raised the bet above the minimum indicates that many players just want to bet enough to see the flop and hopefully get by on the cheap.  Sometimes they also wait to bet until they see what the players after them will do.


The Big Blind is in a position to call the shots …