Side games at the charity event –



Things stalled for a bit until we got short handed (5 players) and then I started to crank things up. I was betting away and taking pots on the turn against all players. I had good reads on every player and knew one guy to bet out small with mid pair and call most anything on the flop but to fold to a decent bet on the river without top pair or better. Another guy was very tight and of the two women to my left, one was a tight aggressive player while the other was loose aggressive. I laid down pocket 10s to the tight aggressive player when she call raised me from under the gun, and she showed K[hearts]K[spades], so I was feeling pretty good about my table.


One hand that I remember in particular was against a timid player to my right. He was getting beat pretty harshly and couldn’t keep up with the betting. Everytime he bet he’d bet the pot because he never wanted anyone else in the hand. 3-handed I raised from the button with A[diamonds]3[diamonds] and he moaned and called (The last 3 times he limped I had raised). The flop came out 2[hearts]4[spades]9[diamonds] and it checked to him. He thought for so long and was getting ready to bet when he saw me playing with $12 in chips. I had the intention to continuation bet until I saw him looking so eager to bet. He checked to me maybe hoping to check raise and I quickly said “Checks good.” The turn brought out the money card: 5[diamonds] and I hit my wheel. This time he bet out the pot, $12, nice! I cold called and everyone else folded. The river brought out the K[hearts] and he thought and checked to me. I gave him a confused look and said “hmm … $22 dollars.” and threw in four red $5 chips and two white $1 chips and he looked right at me and said “I call.” He hadn’t thrown any chips in –, I guess he thought he was good and I was going to muck. I made sure he said call and said “I got the wheel on the turn.” and he showed Q[diamonds]9[clubs] and looked visibly sick for not betting the flop.


All in all it was a lot of fun to prove to myself …