UEFA U21: Spain and the Togel Hongkong Czechs go through; England crash out with Ukraine



England 1:2 Czech Republic

Welbeck 76′, Pekhart 89′, Chramosta 94′.

England produced their best performance of the tournament but crashed out of the European Under-21 Championship after conceding two late-late goals in Viborg.


Stuart Pearce’s men appeared to have earned their passage after a Danny Welbeck header with a quarter of an hour to go repaid their Togel Hongkong superiority in the second half, but their defence, of all things, slipped up with 89 minutes on the clock to allow a killer equaliser for the Czech Republic.


As the white shirts pushed up in desperate hope during stoppage time, the Czechs added a breakaway second to confirm a night of misery for England and a remarkable turnaround.


Both teams had made three changes to their previous starting lineups.


For England, the much-criticised Michael Mancienne made way at defensive midfield for the more muscular Fabrice Muamba, while Jack Rodwell and Danny Rose, who both disappointed against Ukraine, were on the bench, replaced by Tom Cleverley and Scott Sinclair in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Welbeck and Dean Sturridge the alternating points of attack.


The Czechs also make three switches in a 4-1-4-1 shape with Jan Moravek and Lukas Marecek in midfield tandem in place of Lukas Vacha and Adam Hlousek, while Libor Kozak replaced Tomas Pekhart at centre-forward.


Both sides had four men on yellow-cards in danger of missing the semi-final, yet both started brightly, knowing only a win would suffice. Tomas Vaclik’s gloves were the first to be dirtied, comfortably palming away a Welbeck effort from a tight angle in the tenth minute.


But the Czechs carved out the first clear chance, when Marecek pulled the trigger from ten yards in the 17th minute, only to see Frankie Fielding’s quick reflexes tip it away from a certain goal. Was luck on England’s side?


Scott Sinclair was forging buccaneering runs up the left flank, careering past Czech defenders, but it was the central Europeans’ darting through the middle which looked more likely to produce a goal.


Finally some interplay from England with a multi-pass move in the 27th minute ending with Tom Cleverley volleying into the side-netting from a Ryan Bertrand cross. Maybe Pearce had read Kierkegaard after all.


Chris Smalling’s exquisite dummy on the half hour mark sent two Czechs chasing shadows, as England appeared to be on the …

Australian court sentences Togel Hongkong charity embezzeler to 7 years jail



Dinesh Enoka Abeysuriya, a 29-year-old finance clerk for an Australian charity who embezzled A$1.53 million and gambled part of it away in online gambling casinos was sentenced in a Brisbane court this week.


Judge Kerry O’Brien, who last week adjourned the case for sentencing after Abeysuriya pleaded guilty, handed down a sentence of seven years imprisonment for stealing from the Uniting Church’s Blue Care organisation, reports the Courier-Mail newspaper. After money found in his accounts was frozen, the value of the shortfall was about A$900,000.


Abeysuriya was also found guilty of a second charge based on his use of his Commonwealth Bank credit card with togel hongkongsports betting organisation Centrebet, where $1.88 million in bets was shown on his Commonwealth Bank credit card account. When Abeysuriya finally stopped gambling his credit card was overdrawn a by $223,409, the court heard.


Judge O’Brien said he had been asked to impose a five year jail sentence so that Abeysuriya could have a partial suspension of his sentence, allowing him to have a definite date for deportation back to his native Sri Lanka. However, the judge said that he could not take into account what other bodies, the parole board or immigration authorities might do in the future when imposing a sentence.


Despite the mitigating factors, including Abeysuriya returning to Australia under his own free will, a sentence of seven years jail was indicated, the judge said, setting set a parole eligibility date at November 22, 2012.


The prosecution in the case adduced evidence that Abeysuriya used three methods to misappropriate the money – inflating invoices and paying the extra to himself, paying invoices twice to legitimate creditors and himself, and paying invoices to himself. He was audited when a bank employee flagged the uncharacteristically large amounts flowing into his personal account.







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Bahagia di Chelsea Oscar di tengah Togel Hongkong laporan pindah musim panas



Bahagia di Chelsea Oscar di tengah laporan pindah musim panas- Oscar mengatakan ia tidak memiliki rencana untuk meninggalkan Chelsea di tengah laporan ia bisa dijual pada akhir musim.

Pemain internasional Brasil telah dimulai 24 dari 32 pertandingan Liga Premier Chelsea musim ini tetapi telah diganti di 18 dari mereka.


Dan sebuah laporan surat kabar pada hari Kamis mengklaim Jose Mourinho siap untuk mendengarkan tawaran untuk gelandang, yang menelan biaya 25 juta £ diperkirakan ketika ia dibeli dari Internacional pada musim panas 2012.


Namun dalam sebuah wawancara dengan Saturday Night Football menjelang fitur permainan hidup akhir pekan ini melawan Manchester United, Oscar menegaskan ia melihat masa depannya di Stamford Bridge.


“Saya sangat senang di sini,” katanya. “Saya bergaul dengan semua orang, dan klub menunjukkan pujian menuju saya. Chelsea adalah salah satu klub terbaik di dunia, jadi saya tidak melihat mengapa saya akan berpikir untuk meninggalkan.


“Saya sangat senang dengan musim Chelsea sejauh ini dan senang dengan kinerja saya sendiri juga, tapi saya pikir saya bisa memberikan kontribusi lebih untuk tim.


“Ada taktik yang berbeda tergantung pada Togel Hongkong lawan yang kita hadapi, dan kami menghormati pilihan manajer. Kadang-kadang saya sudah berakhir tidak memainkan seluruh pertandingan, tapi aku melakukan yang terbaik untuk memenuhi peran saya.”


Chelsea masuk ke pertandingan Inggris di ambang gelar Premier League keempat – delapan poin dari pengunjung dan tujuh di depan kedua ditempatkan Arsenal, keduanya telah memainkan satu pertandingan lagi ..


Tapi Oscar mengatakan: “Tampaknya mudah, tapi itu pasti tidak kami menghadapi United dan kemudian Arsenal, dan mereka akan menjadi seperti dua final bagi kami Setelah mereka kita akan memiliki gagasan yang jelas tentang seberapa dekat kita dari judul.


“Kami pasti akan berjuang sampai akhir musim, tapi kami berharap kami bisa menjadi juara secepat mungkin.”


Pemain internasional Brasil sekarang akan tetap di Stamford Bridge hingga musim panas 2019.


Gelandang 23 tahun telah membuat 15 penampilan musim ini di semua kompetisi, mencetak empat gol bagi The Blues yang saat ini tak terkalahkan dan empat poin di puncak klasemen Premier League.


Oscar mengatakan kepada situs klub: “Saya sangat senang karena saya suka bermain untuk Chelsea dan tinggal di Inggris saya menikmati bermain di sini selama dua tahun, dan sekarang saya memiliki lima lebih, jadi saya sangat senang..”


Pemain asal Brasil bergabung dengan Chelsea dari Internacional pada musim panas 2012 dan telah menjadi anggota penting dari tim …

Behind the Offshore Togel Hongkong Gambling Billionaires



Every year, dozens of Forbes reporters spend months investigating the fortunes of the world’s wealthiest citizens. Forbes delves into billionaires’ businesses, valuing everything from real estate to candy companies to offshore gambling operations. This year, with more than 30 reporters working from seven countries including India, China, Japan and Russia, Forbes tracked down 793 billionaires in 49 countries.


It can be exotic work: Our reporters have skied with Saudi Prince Alwaleed, visited Dennis Washington on his yacht in Vancouver Harbor and had tea with Kazakh billionaires in Courcheval in the French Alps. While in Israel reporting on diamond billionaire Lev Leviev, writer Lea Goldman once found herself surrounded by guards in a diamond trader’s office after she accidentally knocked a box of diamonds off a shelf.


But there is also a very serious purpose to these travels–namely, to learn as much as possible about various billionaires and their businesses. Some writers spend months–even years–trying to land interviews. In the U.S., Forbes figures that one out of every five billionaires will personally take a reporter’s calls, but that person is unlikely to be a member of the secretive hedge fund world. Among the billionaires who talked with us are Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas Sands, Jon Huntsman of Huntsman and James Sorenson of Abbott Labs.


For the first time this year, we polled reporters and partners from our foreign-language editions in Russia, Poland, Turkey, Israel and China to rank the countries that are the most and least open to Forbes’ financial and personal digging. We compiled a survey that asked reporters to rank the nations based on three categories:


– How easy is it to find information about public companies, including holdings and financial statements?


– How easy is it to find financial information about private companies?


– How easy is it to obtain billionaires’ personal details like age, educational background and marital status?


In the end, we double-weighted the first two categories.


The conclusions of our first-ever Behind the Togel Hongkong Billionaires Index were not entirely surprising. English-language nations dominated the most open ranks, while several Middle East countries were among the most secretive.


One interesting finding: The Iron Curtain has definitely been pulled down. In the 1990s, a Russian news agency had to buy a single share in each major company to get access to these companies’ …